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What you need to know for successful renovations. Excerpt from AAA Via Magazine, Published July 14, 2022 Home renovation TV shows make the process look painless: complicated projects spin by in seconds thanks to montages, the gritty reality of living in a construction zone isn’t revealed, and the pressure of product unavailability and slipped deadlines is obscured. In reality, “it takes a lot of effort and expense to conduct a proper home renovation,” says real estate professional Robert J. Fischer, owner and broker at the Robert J Fischer Team. And there are a lot of areas where things can go wrong, which can lead to unsafe situations or a ballooning budget. Here are some common errors homeowners make while remodeling their home, and how to avoid them in your renovations. 1. Not Budgeting Properly So much of a remodel—from who you hire to what you purchase and what project you…

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